"Polish Otorhinolaryngology Review"  (ISSN 2084-5308) is the official journal of the Polish Society of Otorhinolaryngologists - Head and Neck Surgeons. "Polish Otorhinolaryngology Review" (ISSN 2084-5308) is above all educational journal presenting current views and knowledge in the field of otorhinolaryngology in Poland. 

Articles published in the journal are above all of practical nature. The following types of articles are published: review works, case studies, standards of conduct and therapeutic recommendations, reports from conferences, symposia, reports from meetings of the Board of the Polish Society of Otorhinolaryngologists - Head and Neck Surgeons and the latest news on the activities of the Society.

The Editorial Office attaches great importance to cooperation with other Societies both domestic and foreign ones, and thus also publishes interdisciplinary articles.

"Polish Otorhinolaryngology Review" (ISSN 2084-5308) is addressed to otolaryngologists, audiologists, phoniatrists, allergists, general practicioners, and other physicians and students.

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The content of the magazine is available for a fee for six months. After this period t he content of the journal is circulated on the basis of the  Open Access which means free and limitless access to scientific data.  Polish Otorhinolaryngology Review ” site and its metadata are licensed under     CC BY-NC (Attribution-NonCommercial)